The JBL is not just a labour of love. It is more than 20 (real) years of study, development and simulation modelling in order to create the most realistic and deepest online basketball simulation possible. Since its inauspicious beginnings, the JBL is entering a new era as a massively multiplayer online game.

Since recommencing the JBL in early 2017, I have added and continue to add hundreds of features, large and small, to the website and simulation. I very rarely say "no" to any feature request and I have tried my best to accommodate any such request as soon as possible if it's something that will improve people's gameplay experience. And the list of suggestions grows every day, which is both amazing and scary.

Presently JBL is hosted on a dedicated cloud server with AWS (not a shared host) which costs me a significant amount per month. A dedicated server is needed as the database of the universe grows exponentially every year, and will continue to do so as more features and leagues are added, such as play by play (gamelogs), live games and shot charts, and to upgrade the server as more users are added. In July 2019 due to increased used I doubled the server RAM, CPU and SSD speeds. It is simply not possible to run the league efficiently on a cheaper shared server. There are also other additional costs such as domain registration etc, but ultimately the most important aspect is my time and obtaining additional resources to assist with the infrastructure and architecture design behind the online world.

If you get enjoyment out of the league and the community, and to help grow the league and universe to where we all want it to be, I'm ask that people to chip in what they can, if they can. Think of it more as an investment in the future of our great community. I will continue to work hard for you no matter what.

If you do decide to donate, you'll receive early access to a new beta feature Player Search which is currently in development. This will allow you to search and filter players based on attributes (such as strengths, weaknesses, letter grades and so forth). You will also get access to an exclusive Player Ratings page that lists all of the league's ratings in one handy place. Plus donators have a shiny star on their GM profile and on the Franchise page as recognition of your support.

The donations I've received so far have been incredibly generous, so thank you to those have committed to my vision.

Click here to donate via Paypal. Alternate payment options are also available, please contact the Commissioner.

Thank you so much for your continued support in me, and the JBL.

-- Jason, JBL Commissioner


JBL merchanise is available through our partner W11. The following are prices for each of the different types:
  • Team Jersey: $45 USD plus shipping
  • Team Hoodie: $45 USD plus shipping
  • Team Shorts: $40 USD plus shipping
  • Team T-Shirt: $40 USD plus shipping
  • JBL T-Shirt: $35 USD plus shipping

Shipping can be combined to save costs.

Please contact the Commissioner if you would like to order merchandise.