Top players at every position at the all-star break

  • By Andrew Seitz, Day 120, 2024

I did this about a third of the way through the season, so may as well do it two-thirds through the season. Here are the top players at each position by WS/48 (>1000 minutes). Win shares per 48 attempts to measure how much the player contributes to a winning effort on a per game basis based on their per minute performance. A team of 12 .100 players would finish the season at roughly .500. A player that can play a ton of minutes at a decent level may be more valuable than a player that plays less minutes at a higher WS/48 level. Also, WS/48 could overrate the defensive prowess of players that have good defensive teammates (or vice versa).

The players are ranked by their listed position, not necessarily the position they played most often this year. Also, the stats do not track WS/48 for players that are traded midway through the season and thus those players are not considered.

Point Guard
1 Eli Custer Kings
2 Jevon Novak Dragons
3 Zach Lynch Thunder
4 Tyson Kuberka Colonels
5 Chris LaCruz Fireballs
6 Brandon Terry Huskies

Richardson from the Kings was the top of this list last time, but started the predictable rookie struggles and has since been replaced as the starting PG by Custer, who is not very high usage but is efficient in his chances and plays good defense. Kuberka is defying the aging gods by continuing to be a top-performing PG. LaCruz’s efficiency numbers are likely dragged down by his minutes and usage.

Shooting Guard
1 Jason Cheaney Jailbirds
2 Vionte Houston Huskies
3 Andre Phifer Thunder
4 Reggie Goodwin Bullets
5 Antoine Peeler Lumberjacks
6 Detrez Owens Kings

I voted for Goodwin to make the all-star team. He is having a legitimate breakout year. SGs are dominated by eastern teams while SFs are dominated by western teams.

Small Forward
1 Dontay Sowder Thunder
2 Alonzo Weaver Warriors
3 Reggie Fortier Dragons
4 Tezale Craig Skyhawks
5 Derrick Griffin Scorpions
6 Tarvis McWilliams Dragons

Sowder is continuing to hold off Weaver, but it seem inevitable that Weaver, who made a big jump this year, will take over. McWilliams just barely beat out Swayda, and has had a killer drtg throughout his career. It’s interesting that there is no offensive specialists on this list, but three defensive specialists.

Power Forward
1 JaMarcus Thybulle Kings
2 Richmond Benson Kings
3 Drayton Banks Vultures
4 Austin Bryant Lumberjacks
5 Ainsley Tucker Thunder
6 Quavius Williamson Huskies

Kings have a good system for a certain type of PF to flourish in. Thybulle is a system PF and probably is not deserving of your FA bids. Bryant, with per36 numbers of 20-7-3, is an unsung hero to the Lumberjacks success and would be a contender for the 6th man of the year award if he played more than 19 mpg.

1 Kelvin Hawes Knights
2 Leon Bowen Hurricanes
3 Kelvin Black Cyclones
4 Reggie Dawkins Warriors
5 Ivan Obradovic Warriors
6 Jamaya Sprinkle Vultures

Hawes is a perennial MVP candidate so no surprise he tops the list. It’s a shame that Bowen didn’t make the all-star team this year. He is one of the most efficient scorers in the JBL, and as Bed said on a recent podcast, just give him the ball every possession in the post. If he was a better passer I think his effectiveness would rival Hawes. Sprinkle at just 21 years of age is 6 years younger than anyone else on this list, leading the new generation of centers.