Pittsburgh reacquires Demetric Vaughn from Baltimore

  • By Michael Miller, Day 120, 2024

PITTSBURGH - The Vipers will send PG Ashanti Brooks and SG Aaron Gayle, to be acquired from the Minneapolis Blizzards, along with PF Cliff McCaffery and PG Mike Williams to the Baltimore Bullets for SG/SF Demetric Vaughn.

Although the Vipers were intrigued with pairing Brooks with his old Syracuse mate Hassan Bundu, the value of this deal was to eliminate any risk Gayle would opt into his $4.5 million team option for next season. The Vipers will now be projected to have near max cap space for free agency next season. Vaughn, who originally signed as a FA with the Vipers in the offseason, may be on the move again in the near future.