Blizz acquire veteran presence

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 120, 2024

MINNEAPOLIS - This season for Minneapolis we have seen growing pains but also a glimpse of what this team can be when the whole roster is rolling. The starting five has been a constant all season and has performed pretty well with hiccups along the way, and with a 22-37 record still amazingly post a positive net rating, albeit only 1.1. The bench has been a work in progress all season long, and this trade goes to show that the Blizzards are dead set on becoming competitive. This will be the first off season where the Blizzards can't throw around a tonne of money with the expected re-signing of Donovan Galloway putting them into the real world of JBL finances, management agreed to make the trade for Frashon Lewis, and out of favour veteran with a large, but not long, contract. The Blizzards will send Ashanti Brooks, Aaron Taphorn and Aaron Gayle will head to the Pittsburgh Vipers for Frashon Lewis, Rahmond Thompson and the Scorpions 2025 second round pick. Thompson will head straight to Phoenix in another trade.

Taphorn was a solid player for the Minneapolis Blizzards in his rookie season as a second round pick out of Arizona, but with a change of coach and system fell out of the rotation not because of lack of talent, but not really adapting to the coach's philosophies. He will get a chance to continue to grow in Pittsburgh along with Brooks who performed admirably but was complaining about not getting enough minutes even though he signed to a backup/rotation deal. Aaron Gayle was a great locker room guy and handy backup player and will be missed for those reasons.