Vultures get a T-Rex

  • By Aaron Liang, Day 120, 2024

PHOENIX - In a short address to the press today, Vultures GM sik_air announced the acquisition of C/PF Raymond "T-Rex" Thompson from the Minneapolis Blizzards in exchange for veterans Detrick Brown, Quan LeVoir and the Vultures 2026 second round pick.

Thompson had been acquired earlier in the day by the Blizzards from the Pittsburgh Vipers. He has averaged 7.7 points and 5.0 rebounds in 40 games for the Los Angeles Fireballs this season, having been injured during all of his 21 day stint at Pittburgh and now being quickly moved on from Minneapolis.

"As an organisation we have been following Rahmond's career with some interest since his days at the Knights and we are pleased to be able to add a solid post presence to our rotation as we move into the post all-star period and playoffs. We've been looking for additional frontcourt support both now and for potentially into the future, and have already put in place a programme to assist Rahmond with activities such as collecting items from the back of his letterbox and being able to draw curtains simultaneously rather than one at a time. We felt this equation worth the cost of a second round draft pick.

We thank Quan and Detrick for their contributions this season, unfortunately they both fell victim to the financial circumstances of the team and we will miss their sterling performances on the court."

Quan LeVoir played a season high 9 minutes on day 118, collecting 3 rebounds with a -7 +/-. Detrick Brown played a total of 4 minutes during the season in an early day 19 game against the Dragons, performing what was described at the time as, "the most audacious tip-in attempt ever ... that will go down in the annals of JBL history."