Houston's season high win streak ends at 1; lose 3 straight

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 111, 2024

HOUSTON - With the season high win streak at stake, Houston plays 3 games in 4 days to continue their momentum. Unfortunately momentum crashed, burned, caught on fire again, blew up, and flattened.

Houston 89; Denver 112
We go and visit our old friend, Antoine Hall, where he has his usual efficient night of 18/14 and 3 blocks. Spencer Allen got back on track with 28 points and 9 boards in the loss. Despite knowing hall's game fairly well, our front court is unable to do much as Worthington has 16 and Harrison has a poor night of 12 points. Neither guy could out-rebound our SG Allen, so that tells you how everything went. Caldbeck got the night off and Astrough came in and had a mixed bag of 7 points and 7 boards. Van Bree had just 9 points, but also had the best +/- with -5 only. The bench wasn't worth even talking about.

Vults 120; Lightning 100
On to the desert for the second game of a back to back and we manage to lose by less than we did in Denver, this time by just 20. Banks went off with 44 points, so that was fun to deal with. It was bobblehead night so his 14 boards also made it a great night for Banks and the fans. Harrison had 16 and 12 to pace Houston, while Allen had 19/6/4 in the loss. Van Bree was again, our best +/- with -6 and contributed 14 points. Worthington got the night off to rest, so Barlow went to the 5, while Harrison went to the 4 spot and Barlow had 11/8 in the rare start. Caldbeck gave us little, 2 points and 6 assists. Buie is making a case to start over Caldbeck as he put in 13 points and 4 boards.

Scorps 109; Houston 99
Hey, closed the gap again, losing by only 10 on the road. Grant goes off for 41 in the win, so that sums up the 40 point opponent scorers. Allen struggled to get off shots, only taking 11 for 12 points, but he grabbed 8 boards and 10 assists, nearly getting a triple double for his efforts. Harrison had a nice bounce back game with 26/10, while Worthington returns to the lineup for 20/10. Caldbeck gets the rare double point total with 10 and 5 assists, while Van Bree only collects 5 points in 24 minutes for a game score of 1.3. The bench did very little, which didnt help keep us right in the game.