Houston goes undefeated in a sim!

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 107, 2024

HOUSTON - For the first time all season, Houston did not lose a game on a sim! Granted, it was only a one game sim, but the point remains, UNDEFEATED!

Houston 139; Blizzards 128
In a bizarre world where Spencer Allen gets the night off, DeAndre Buie goes 12 for 16 for 30 points and also collects 8 assists in the process. The real star for us, however, was Jarrell Harrison, who manages go go off for 33 points, 16 boards, 3 blocks, and 3 steals for a game score of 35.3, our highest performance of the year. Mitchell Van Bree also had a very underrated night, going 10 of 14 for 39 points, 6, boards, and 5 assists. Worthington had 21 points himself, with 8 boards, while Caldbeck chipped in with 10 assists. Barlow, a usual staple defensively, had an off night with a -14 +/- score, while Astrough got some extra playing time and had a -21.