Wallis and Tritons Part Ways

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 127, 2020

OAKLAND - Oakland General Manager Tim Wallis has announced that he will part ways with the organization, reaching an amicable agreement to forego the final three years of his $6.1 million contract.

“I’ve enjoyed every day of my time with the Tritons and two years ago, I couldn’t imagine ever working for another franchise. The people here have become family to me and this is not a decision taken lightly. I’ll never forget sharing our championship year with this city. That off-season felt like it lasted a decade, as if time froze as the gods smiled on Oakland. It’s perhaps because of that incredible experience and the bonds that were formed that it became hard to justify my sizeable pay packet. I was reluctant to make changes, and when we finally did, it felt like we’d betrayed Akieem and Davor in some way. This is supposed to be a business and my personal attachments to the players have hampered by ability to do my job.

"It’s in both my own interests and those of the Tritons to move on and face new challenges. I’ve already been speaking with the owner of the Portland Lumberjacks and now that the Tritons season is over, I will be signing on as the new franchise’s inaugural general manager.

"I would like to thank the entire Tritons organization, the fans in Oakland and around the world and particularly Austin Williams and Marcus Ivory, who were here with me throughout my whole tenure in the front office. You guys are the main reason I got to live the dream and, Austin, don’t retire too far away. I might have a proposition for you.”