JBL Fantasy Review

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 51, 2024

JBL Fantasy Review – Day 51

If you are looking to read about the JBL players who are the most efficient…just move on.

If you want to know who has contested the most shots or has the most defensive win shares…we don’t care.

If you enjoy acronyms like PER, Per36, BPM, VORP…you’ll find none of that nonsense here.

Instead, we want to talk about the JBL players who stuff the stat sheet night in and night out with what matters most. What is that you all ask? Making fantasy owners happy!

We want to talk about the players who are on a 2-0 fast break and throw the ball off the backboard to themselves for a rebound and 2 points.

We want the guy who is going to push his teammate out of the way as the clock winds down to get that last rebound for a triple-double.

In this first article, we are going to take a look back at the pre-season publications which most fantasy owners rely on for that bit of extra knowledge and edge over their opponents as they develop their drat boards. More specifically, we are going to see how the 2024 #JBL Rank Top 50 has held up to this point in the season.

First, let’s provide the scoring methodology being used:

Point (+1)
Made 3pt Shot (+0.5)
Rebound (+1.25)
Assist (+1.75)
Steal (+2)
Block (+2)
Turnover (-0.5)
Double-Double (+2)
Triple-Double (+5)

Now let’s dig in to see which players on the 2024 #JBL Rank Top 50 have fantasy owners cursing and which have owners building mini shrines in their dens:

The Not Top 50 By A Country Mile Fantasy Ranking List

Fantasy Rank (FR) #129/T50 #33: JaDante Hicks (SG - Mustangs)
Fantasy Points Per Game (FPG): 30.114
Fantast Points Per Minute (FPM): 0.9815

FR #126/T50 #24: Keydren Carter (SF - Jailbirds)
FPG: 30.960
FPM: 1.0000

FR #107/T50 #32: Odell Bracey (SG - Dragons)
FPG: 32.906
FPM: 1.0022

The Congrats on Cracking 100 Fantasy Ranking List

FR #95/T50 #34: Leon Bowen (C/PF - Hurricanes)
FPG: 33.800
FPM: 1.1704

FR #85/T50 #42: Brandon Terry (PG - Huskies)
FPG: 35.298
FPM: 1.0659

FR #78/T50 #50: Victor Olojakpoke (SF - Kings)
FPG: 36.146
FPM: 1.1150

FR #77/T50 #45: Isiah Evans (PG - Bullets)
FPG: 36.260
FPM: 1.1934

FR #67/T50 #16: Aaron Honeycutt (SF/SG - Bullets)
FPG: 37.269
FPM: 1.1373

FR #66/T50 #47: Donnell Wallace (SF/SG - Blizzards)
FPG: 37.394
FPM: 1.0887

The Be Better to Crack the Top 50 Fantasy Ranking List

FR #59/T50 #16: Lamar Francis (SG - Scorpions)
FPG: 38.156
FPM: 1.0574

FR #58/T50 #43: Idris Berkley (SF/SG - Barons)
FPG: 38.159
FPM: 1.1406

FR #57/T50 #35: Rubin Wingfield (PG - Skyhawks)
FPG: 38.217
FPM: 1.1127

FR #55/T50 #22: Reggie Goodwin (SG - Bullets)
FPG: 39.183
FPM: 1.1737

FR #52/T50 #17: Darius Barry (SF - Huskies)
FPG: 39.904
FPM: 1.2293

For those keeping score at home, that makes 14 players who dropped out. In future editions, we will look into best fantasy players per team, young stars vs. vets and some other topics. For now, we march on.

The Glad to Have Squeaked By Into the Top 50 Fantasy Ranking List

FR #50/T50 #36: Detrez Owens (SG - Kings)
FPG: 40.188
FPM: 1.2163

FR #46/T50 #27: Vionte Houston (SG - Huskies)
FPG: 40.577
FPM: 1.2696

FR #44/T50 #39: Akieem Martin (C - Lumberjacks)
FPG: 40.615
FPM: 1.2049

FR #42/T50 #37: Richmond Benson (PF - Kings)
FPG: 41.198
FPM: 1.3061

FR #41/T50 #18: Mark Hunter (C/PF - Skyhawks)
FPG: 41.228
FPM: 1.1578

FR #40/T50 #30: Antonio Vega (SF/SG - Jaguars)
FPG: 41.304
FPM: 1.1229

FR #38/T50 #40: Jermaine Curry (SG - Fireballs)
FPG: 41.490
FPM: 1.0394

FR #37/T50 #21: Khalil Hooker (C/PF - Jaguars)
FPG: 41.600
FPM: 1.2023

FR #36/T50 #23: Jerome Bradley (SF - Renegades)
FPG: 41.693
FPM: 1.2117

The Almost Could Have Been a Contender Fantasy Ranking List

FR #35/T50 #29: Derrick Griffin (SF - Scorpions)
FPG: 42.302
FPM: 1.1281

FR #33/T50 #13: Isaiah Clarkson (C/PF - Bullets)
FPG: 42.827
FPM: 1.4149

FR #31/T50 #44: Juwan Hughes (SF - Jaguars)
FPG: 43.141
FPM: 1.2465

FR #30/T50 #31: Rasheem Fisher (PG - Vultures)
FPG: 43.200
FPM: 1.2273

FR #29/T50 #25: Quavius Williamson (PF/C - Huskies)
FPG: 43.221
FPM: 1.4117

FR #26/T50 #15: Ainsley Tucker (PF - Thunder)
FPG: 43.793
FPM: 1.2815

The Top 25 And Almost 2nd Round Pick Material Fantasy Ranking List

FR #25/T50 #19: Antoine Peeler (SG - Lumberjacks)
FPG: 44.250
FPM: 1.2734

FR #22/T50 #48: Josiah Robinson (SF/PF - Mustangs)
FPG: 45.602
FPM: 1.2979

FR #21/T50 #41: Antoine Hall (C - Dragons)
FPG: 45.722
FPM: 1.3084

FR #20/T50 #46: Ivan Obradovic (C/PF - Warriors)
FPG: 45.981
FPM: 1.3585

The Not Quite Top 10 Fantasy Ranking List

FR #19/T50 #26: Jamaal Adams (PG/SG - Jaguars)
FPG: 46.380
FPM: 1.3676

FR #17/T50 #8: Omar Grant (C/PF - Scorpions)
FPG: 46.935
FPM: 1.2745

FR #16/T50 #38: Tezale Craig (SF - Skyhawks)
FPG: 47.554
FPM: 1.3036

FR #15/T50 #11: Jevon Novak (PG - Dragons)
FPG: 47.656
FPM: 1.4333

FR #13/T50 #49: Kelvin Black (C - Cyclones)
FPG: 48.261
FPM: 1.3586

FR #12/T50 #7: Marcus Ivory (PF/C - Tritons)
FPG: 49.202
FPM: 1.4089

FR #11/T50 #20: Dameon Clarke (PF - Scorpions)
FPG: 49.417
FPM: 1.3839

The Top 10 Stat Sheet Stuffers Fantasy Ranking List

FR #10/T50 #28: Josh Gamble (PG - Cyclones)
FPG: 50.087
FPM: 1.3780

For a team that ranks 17th in points per game and 20th in Pace, it’s a bargain for those who took a gamble on Gamble in their Fantasy Draft. Josh not only jacks up the most shots for the Cyclones, but he also ranks #3 in all of the JBL with 9.8 assists per game which bring along valuable fantasy points. He also leads all guards with 13 double-doubles securing additional bonus points.

FR #9/T50 #4: Jason Cheaney (SG/PG - Jailbirds)
FPG: 50.420
FPM: 1.3686

Unlike his running mate, Keydran Carter, Cheaney has certainly not disappointed his fantasy owners by throwing himself into the MVP conversation early. He currently sits atop the JBL as the #1 scorer in the league and has helped the Jailbirds jump out to a 21-4 record. Cheaney is doing most of his fantasy work through his points and also by leading the league with 4.3 3pt shots made per game.

FR #8/T50 #5: Andre Phifer (SG/SF - Thunder)
FPG: 51.193
FPM: 1.3173

Phifer features the lowest FPM in the Top 10, but we don’t care about efficiency. Just get fantasy owners their points and that is exactly what Andre does. He currently sits 4th in the league in scoring and his 2.27 steals per game rank 5th which add some nice FP’s to his totals. His 22 shots per game are #1 on the Thunder, 6 more than his teammate Ainsley Tucker so fantasy owners know on most nights Andre is going to get his.

FR #7/T50 #12: Drayton Banks (PF - Vultures)
FPG: 51.570
FPM: 1.3388

Banks is the first big to crack the Top 10 as he leads the JBL in double-doubles with 22. His 13.6 rebounds per game are also good for #2 in the league behind James Spencer and when you throw in close to 26 ppg on top of that, it’s easy to see why Banks is in the Top 10.

FR #6/T50 #6: Dontay Sowder (SF - Thunder)
FPG: 52.250
FPM: 1.4909

The league leader with 4 triple-doubles and flat out production up and down the stat sheet is a fantasy owner’s dream. 20+ points, 9+ boards, 6+ assists and a handful of steals and blocks each night put Sowder almost into the top 5.

FR #5/T50 #11: Taquan Slattery (PF - Devils)
FPG: 53.290
FPM: 1.4450

Slattery has gone nuclear this season for fantasy owners. Those who were able to pick him up as a later first rounder have to be besides themselves being able to slot him in a nightly basis. Slattery is averaging a double-double (bonus points!) and is also the clear go-to on the Devils offense where he now ranks 3rd in JBL in scoring. Slattery is also averaging 2.4 blocks per game which is close to a career high.

FR #4/T50 #2: Alonzo Weaver (SF - Warriors)
FPG: 57.827
FPM: 1.5295

Another likely MVP candidate, Weaver finds himself in the #4 spot currently; however, you can see there is a huge gap between him and Slattery of over 4 FP’s per game. Weaver, like Slattery, is averaging a double-double on the year, but he pushes himself into the #4 spot by averaging 5.0 assists per game whereas Slattery is under 2.

FR #3/T50 #9: Devon Harrell (PG - Crusaders)
FPG: 58.286
FPM: 1.6021

Fantasy owners love Devon Harrell. Why? Even on bad teams who are still maturing, somebody has to fill the stat sheet. And Devon Harrell is THAT guy. 23 shots per game which are 9, YES NINE, more than his closest teammate lead to 28.6 points each night. When you add in his 9 assists, 6 boards and 2 steals which he also adds it is clear that Harrell is in a dream scenario for any fantasy owner.

FR #2/T50 #3: Chris LaCruz (PG - Fireballs)
FPG: 58.625
FPM: 1.4241

The man leading the run-n-gun in LA currently sits in the #2 spot with his FPM ranking #8 overall. Again, fantasy owners only care about volume and that is what LaCruz. Brings to the table in spades. Chris leads the JBL with 23.8 FGA per game which eventually lead to 29.4 points a night (good for 5th). LaCruz does pick up a lot of points through is 9+ assists, 5+ boards and 2.27 steals, which is good for 5th in the JBL as well.

FR #1/T50 #1: Kelvin Hawes (C/PF - Knights)
FPG: 58.840
FPM: 1.7347

The big man in KC was #1 on most draft boards and publications and he has lived up to the billing. He’s #1 in both FPG & FPM. There isn’t too much fantasy owners can say about Hawes other than most wish he would see more minutes to keep racking up that point total.