Los Angeles Nears Closer for Stafford to Banks Deal

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 83, 2020

LOS ANGELES - A bold move for LA GM Jron to come after veteran star PF Colin Stafford (who's $23M is off the books after this season) and trade their high profile Free Agent snag last offseason PF Drayton Banks (Just 24 years old) to the Vultures who are looking to rebuild their team and bracing for the imminent retirement of Vultures legend Ben Winder who looks like will call it quits after this season.

The main storyline in LA is that Banks didn't fit in the ever-changing scheme in LA and with the acquisition of iMac has reduced his already small load in the offense. Banks has just signed a rich $19.5M contract this offseason in hopes to pair him with All Star PG Chris LaCruz but a series of bad starts and foul troubles have derailed that plan. Although Banks showed promise by scoring 30+ points more than once, it seems that the Run & Gun culture in LA is a bit hard to grasp for Banks who were a solid post presence back in Mexico City a season ago (18 PPG 10 RPG and 2 BPG), although he is still a threat inside, the perimeter heavy offense of LA didn't seems to click with Banks.

The Fireballs have since traded their top 2 FA acquisition (Wing Curtis Westley to the Devils whom played right away after the trade and now possibly Banks to Vulture whom is 24 hours away to play Los Angeles). This decision may be critically viewed by the media as a short term win vs long term lose for LA. LA has since traded for 2 veteran stars to pair with their own Star in LaCruz but in about a few seasons will this move be fruitful?

They say the moves are obviously an expansion draft move. In which will allow LA to maneuver better during and after the expansion draft. This move will save them big money to come after whoever they would pursue in the free agency. But having a potential Big 3 of LaCruz-iMac-Stafford is due for a good playoff return, assuming they all gel well, iMac + LaCruz combo is blossoming but we don't know how adding another 23+ Point scorer would affect that dynamic, with that being said Stafford's 23.1 ppg, 13.5 rpg, 3.6 apg, 3.4 bpg and 1.9 spg will definitely a big boost. At the least Stafford's veteran leadership and defense will bode well for LA's lack thereof.

Deal is said to be as follows:

Vultures Sends

F Colin Stafford
F Xavier Russel


F Drayton Banks
C Tahric Kimbrough
2022 2nd Round Pick

Both teams are awaiting league approval of the said trade. If this goes in, it will be tested immediately in LA, how would Banks perform against LA and would Staff fit in LA's fast paced showtime system?