Hall traded to Thunder

  • By Barry Lolicht, Day 82, 2020

MIAMI - The Miami Cyclones today announced that center Antoine Hall has been traded to the Seattle Thunder in exchange for the Thunder's first round draft choices in 2022 and 2023 along with Alonzo Traylor.

The Cyclones were struggling with a decision on offering Hall a max extension or letting him become a free agent. Although he was their best big man, the team also has backup Dzaflo Taybron under contract for this season plus the next 2. Taybron only makes 2.2 million dollars per season and most likely would have been lost in the upcoming expansion draft if he was left exposed. The Cyclones are gambling that Taybron at 2.2 million along with cap space for another max free agent will be worth more than Hall at the max and losing Taybron.

The Cyclones now have 1 first round draft choice in the 2021 draft which has a very good chance of being a top 5 pick, along with 4 first rounders in 2022 and 2 in 2023.