Fireballs Finalizes Plans for the Preseason Games

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2024

LOS ANGELES - The Fireballs has finalized their plans coming into the preseason games as they will be on the road to visit the Blizzards and Lightning before settling in with at home to finish the preseason hosting the Vipers. Head Coach Alton Wilkes has made it clear that he will more likely adjust the minutes of the players as he want to test the new offensive sets on a sizable scale, "We are looking at less than 32 minutes for the starters this preseason, enough for them to get a feel of the system. We'll of course give the young guys some runs and we'll likely decide the final roster on or before our final preseason game. Our starting lineup is already concrete it's just managing the bench minutes coming in, I've talked to the staff and we are all in the same page." Coach Wilkes said after their last preseason preparation before they get ready to travel to Minnesota for their 1st preseason game.

The Fireballs preseason schedule:

Preseason game #1 - Los Angeles Fireballs vs Minneapolis Blizzards
Venue: Freezing Point Cente, Minneapolis, MN

Preseason game #2 - Los Angeles Fireballs vs Houston Lightning
Venue: Flash Arena, Houston, TX

Preseason game #3 - Pittsburgh Vipers vs Los Angeles Fireballs
Venue: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA

The plan is to get the players feet wet with the new system slowly and see who will fit in the scheme. Sources says that the minutes restriction will be in effect for the starters who will likely see in the 28-32 minutes range. Adjustments will be made based on the game results and will likely lock a proper rotation by their last game of the preseason. The staff have certain bench players that they are already looking to have a significant role in the team's rotation, as of this writing here is the projected lineup going into the preseason:


PG Chris LaCruz - 32 minutes
SG Jamaine Curry - 30 minutes
SF Cortez Ellison - 32 minutes
PF Randall Dozier - 32 minutes
C James Spencer - 28 minutes


6th Rahmond Thompson, C/PF - 20 minutes
7th Quinn Dziagwa, F - 18 minutes
8th Anthony Egekeze, F - 14 minutes
9th Ortay Defoe, PG - 10 minutes
10th Ivan Vujosevic, C/PF - 10 minutes
11th Tremaine Miles, SG - 8 minutes
12th Jabari El-Amin, PG - 6 minutes


IR Sidney Cavenell, SF - Out (INJURY)
IR Jerrell Newman, SG - Reserve
IR Corey Anderton, PF/C - Reserve