Houston announces the release of 2 players

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 1, 2024

HOUSTON - In an effort to get under the maximum roster limit, Houston makes a move and announces that the contracts of SF Devin Wallace and PF Cliff McCaffrey.

Wallace came in a move to switch second round picks with the Kings, which ended up costing the Lightning positions in the second round. With a few other players that can play the position, Houston felt that he did not show enough in limited minutes to warrant a roster spot going forward.

McCaffrey came to the Lightning in the deal with the Dragons to acquire their first round pick in exchange for Wesley Sherman. McCaffrey was thought to have been able to provide some veteran leadership and token minutes, but with a heavy emphasis on players in the post positions, they deemed him surplus to needs, especially considering he has a single year left on his deal at 5 million dollars.