Fireballs Rumored to be Moving Westley to Atlanta for Wilkinson, Campbell

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 80, 2020

LOS ANGELES - Fireballs GM Jron has been hot on shooter Jamal Wilkinson ever since Devils GM Ohgeer announced that he was available. After weeks of inquiries and talks, there might be a deal in place as wingman Curtis Westley is rumored to be part of a deal that involves Fireballs future 2nd rounder, the deal is said to be for SG Jamal Wilkinson who is not been working well with the new Devils program spearheaded by GM Ohgeer, with him is C Keemar Campbell, whom after the trades within the Devils organization have found no place in the rotation.

"I think with what we are trying to do here in LA, Wilkinson and Campbell may fit in well. Of course, it could mean a short stay because of the expansion after this season, but who knows what will happen. We wish Curtis the best of luck in Atlanta, I know he has been a key ingredient of our run, his role kind of became smaller. I know he can help Atlanta, that is a promising stable." GM Jron said in a phone interview.

The league will review the trade but once it is processed we might see the players play each other as Atlanta will host LA, talk about perfect timing. SG Jamal Wilkinson's shooting and skills may fit with the Fireballs scheme, right now, best bet is he will come off the bench to provide spark of scoring in which was the last role of Curtis Westley, Rookie C Keemar Campbell might see little playing time for now, but if he proves he can play the LA style of basketball he may find a role early.

It is a tricky place LA has with SG Jamal Wilkinson, as expansion will strike and Jamal also is a free agent, we'll see if his stay with LA would merit an impact with the front office. One thing is for sure, LA is about to run and gun more.