Devils move more players as trade deadline looms

  • By Ed Latham, Day 80, 2020

The Devils have agreed to part ways with SG Jamal Wilkinson and young C Kemar Campbell in exchange for the Fireballs SG/SF Curtis Westley and the Fireballs 2023 2nd Round pick.

GM Ed latham of the Devils released the following statements to the press:

"We are always looking to help our team get better. Sometimes you just don't have a role for good players and I think this is the case for the players we let go today. Both of them do not fit in well with what we are building right now and we are hopeful that they find success within another franchise.

Meanwhile we are very happy to welcome Mr. Westley to our club! He is going to immediately be into a rotation with Mr. Rush to offer our team a very stable wing rotation and a whole lot of scoring. Fans will hopefully be happy to hear that as expansion is around the corner, the Devils franchise is taking the appropriate steps to be well prepared for success for a number of years!"