Lightning strikes as Devils move Star

  • By Aden Forte, Day 79, 2020

HOUSTON - The Lighting and Devils have agreed to a trade which sees Orpheus Swayda (SF) to the Lightning in exchange for James Spencer (PF/C), Lucas Rush (SF), Lightning 2022 1st round pick, Lightning 2023 1st round pick.

Houston GM Aden Forte said earlier in a statement, "It's always sad having to say goodbye to talent like James and Lucas, but in welcoming a player like Orpheus, we feel it was the right thing to do in order to move the team forward." Forte, who has had an up and down start in his first year in the league, has been described by some players and staff as "frightening" and "an intimidating figure" who's passion for the game can be felt all around Lighting HQ. This move has already been welcomed by fans, who's patience has been wearing thin with the teams lackluster start to the season.

More to come.