Los Angeles and Miami Exploring iMac and The Dragon Deal

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 57, 2020

LOS ANGELES - HUGE RUMOR as Los Angeles Fireballs GM Jron Grace have confirmed that they are in talks with Miami Cyclones GM Laser for a possible trade involving Cyclones All-star Sharpshooter SF Isaiah "iMac" McCarty and rising star fan favorite SF Liu "The Dragon" Jinghau. It wasn't a secret that Miami is looking to get younger as veteran guard MRob already on his way out, seems like Miami is building the "Baby Boomers" movement that will feature lots of potential.

What does this mean for Los Angeles, who is 15-15 at the break? Well, it means they might see a significant spike in the W column is this deal pushes through. This means that LA will finally have a legit shooter that will take the pressure off of Chris LaCruz. The Banks experiment hasn't panned out yet, that is why a move will likely be in the works for LA.

The Dragon had some high hopes for the season before being sidelined for 2 weeks and that is all the time recently added wing Curtis Westley to steal the starting spot from The Dragon, although Jinghau responded with some solid outing coming off the bench for an already crowded wing situation in LA. The Dragon's potential may be soon realized in Miami quicker than it will be with Los Angeles.

"We are currently looking to make the numbers work, we have mutual interest on the deal. Los Angeles is looking to contend in the EW Conference altogether. Our goal has always been to be competitive and this current deal we are working with will be significant not only for us but for Miami's future." GM Jron said in a phone interview.

Right now, we are looking at a deal that rumored to be as follows:

Los Angeles sends SF Liu Jinghau, PF/SF Stoyanov Vitas and 2022 1st Round Pick

Miami sends SF Isaiah McCarty and SF/PF Landon Howard

The numbers fits the 50% rule as the salaries would be

Los Angeles $12.6M will be over 50% of Miami's $19.1M salary matching. If it goes through, it will be a huge deal for both teams but would be a bigger impact in Los Angeles. The potential lineup of LA will be:

PG Chris LaCruz
SG Jordan Carstensen
SF Isaiah McCarty
PF Dray Banks
C Vlad Dvoracek
6th Man Curtis Westley

I think that would be a very dangerous lineup if utilizes well. Coach Rudaski will have his hands full on making it work for LA but given his experience it will be a good opportunity for him to showcase his vision. The whole Los Angeles is crossing their fingers for a potential trade of the year deal.