Fireballs Honors Coach Rudaski Odrzywolski with a Retirement Banquet

  • By Jron Magcale, Day 1, 2024

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Fireballs held a banquet for the retirement of head coach Rudaski Odrzywolski in which was attended by his former players, peers, family and close friends. The 62 years old coach was very thankful as former players speak about the strategic coach that gave the Fireballs a title in 2004 which had them as a lower seed and took the Jaguars to 7 games and eventually won them their 1st franchise championship with of course the legendary Mitchell Butler who was the MVP and Finals MVP that year. Notable faces in attendance is of course Mitchell Butler who credits Coach Rudaski Odrzywolski for his success as a coach, Rashad Stevens who played 8 seasons for him, Scott Ford who has 2 tours for Coach O and played for him for 7 seasons as well. Commissioner Jason Forte was also there and awarded Coach O the JBL Lifetime Achievement award.

Coach O holds the record for the longest tenured head coach in the JBL with 27 seasons and have a record of 597 wins and 608 loses, 13 playoff appearances, 2 finals and 1 championship. His rumored successor assistant coach Alton Wilkes was also in attendance and also made a speech for Coach O. Current and former Fireballs players are all in attendance. The Los Angeles Fireballs organization will open a "Coach O" foundation that will benefit a charity of Coach O's choice and will also have a home game dedicated every season that will be named as Coach O Day in which the team will have a special event on that day starting next season 2024. For now, sources have told us that GM Jron will give Coach O access to the team in a "consulting" role.

"We very much love coach O out here in LA, he basically one of the foundation of this franchise and we would miss him on that sidelines for the coming seasons. We are in talks of still getting coach O involved within the organization, if he so chooses, for now he needed the vacation with his family. But when he returns our doors are open." GM Jron said in a brief interview. The team wishes to hang a banner and officially retire coach O next season on their 1st home game.

"I learned a lot with coach O, he was the 1st person I called when I won my second ring as a coach and joked with him, that I have more rings than him now. Haha. But kidding aside, he knows he is much involved in my legacy both as a player and coach. I respect him a lot and he is for sure a hall of famer." Former Fireballs MVP Mitchell Butler said about coach O.

The event was meaningful and there was a lot of familiar faces both old and new. Coach O's smiles was radiating in the room and he knows he is leaving the game in good hands. "I told Jron last season that I'm done and I wish to retire after last season, he told me he wanted me to retire with a playoff berth and I said you're crazy. Haha. He said I don't have to fully coach and I just need to help the transition of Al (Alton Wilkes) and he joked that I need to honor my contract, I said the hell with that contract haha, I'm done. But seriously, I'm glad to I stayed for my last season as the Fireballs head coach, I get to see us win 50 games, when we weren't even predicted to win 45, so that is something, also I get to witness the boy Chris (LaCruz) dominate the league and deservingly win the MVP award, I told him, Chris you will win it 1 day, you have what it takes, I see the same fire in your eyes that I saw in Mitch (Butler) and the other greats. I get to see a lot of things this season but most importantly I get to see the league evolve thanks to our good 'ole commissioner Jason Forte, I tip my hat to you, son. I am grateful for my career, for my success and failures, you know the ups and downs but it's time for me to step out and let the young guys get a crack at it. Al is next, been telling him that even when he was still playing, you'll be coaching in the JBL and what do you know, he's about to steal my seat hahaha. But like I said, I'm blessed 27 years in the league, I can't ask for more. Coach Rudaski Odrzywolski, signing off." Coach O said in his closing remarks. The Los Angeles Fireballs will miss the old guy, but they now they have something special with the next man up. #RunLA