CYC Q&A - 2024 offseason #4

  • By Barry Lolicht, Day 1, 2024


1. Will the Cyclones move up or down in the draft?

The Cyclones currently hold the 18th pick in the first round. General Manager Barry Lolicht has stated he is willing to listen to offers to move up or down if it will help the Cyclones. The Cyclones do have the means to move up since they have 2 first rounders next year as well as the 18th pick this year. They could also make allstar center Kelvin Black available if the right deal came along.

2. Any chance of the Cyclones going after Kelvin Hawes in free agency?

General Manager Barry Lolicht would not give me a comment when I asked him this question, stating that he does not want to risk a tampering charge. There is no question that a Kelvin Hawes-Josh Gamble duo would be a nice 1-2 punch. In order to get Hawes the Cyclones would most likely have to make a sign and trade deal with the Knights. Giving up a lot of resources to get Hawes to go with Gamble may not leave the team with much to fill the roster out with. Would a Hawes-Gamble duo be any more successful than the Knights were with Hawes and Aaron Honeycutt? And center really is not the biggest need for the Cyclones since they do have Kelvin Black. Although Black could be included in the sign and trade the question would then be if the upgrade would be worth what other assets the team would have to give up.

3. The Cyclones can’t compete with the Warriors, Jailbirds, and Kings in the East and there are a whole bunch of teams in the West that are better also. They should trade Kelvin Black and tank this season to get a top draft pick next year along with the Dragons first that we have from the Fortier trade. Then we can contend next year.

The new lottery rules mean that even if a team tanks they still may not draft any better than 5 if the ping pong balls don’t bounce well. General Manager Barry Lolicht has stated many times that although the goal is to build a championship contending team in Miami, he does not believe in tanking. Although the team may trade Black I still believe that the Cyclones will try to put a competitive team on the floor.