Rodgers traded in huge move for Jaguars, Tritons

  • By Paul Grant, Day 57, 2020

MEXICO CITY - GM Paul "The Grunt" Grant has pulled the trigger on a trade that has rocked Mexico City.

The Jaguars agreed to trade superstar Bryant Rodgers and a 2021 First Round Pick (Scorpions) to the Oakland Tritons for Akieem Martin, Davor Woolridge and the Tritons 2022 First Rd Pick.

In an extremely short Press Conference GM Grant continually referred to the youth movement that the Jags need to stick with.

"Adding Martin and Woolridge will bring much needed depth and defence at the C/PF positions," Grant said. "With the upcoming expansion Mexico City have to hold onto as much of their talent as possible."

Bryant Rodgers added that while disappointed he was completely behind the trade once it was suggested to him.