Tritons Swap Martin for Rodgers

  • By Tim Wallis, Day 57, 2020

OAKLAND - Former #1 pick and championship starting center Akieem Martin has been traded to the Mexico City Jaguars after seven and a half seasons in Oakland. Known to be a personal favorite of the GM and one of just three players remaining on the roster from the squad he inherited, Martin has developed into a strong locker room presence even as some have questioned whether his on-court performances have lived up to his draft position.

"If you asked me a year ago if I thought Akieem would ever be traded, it would have been a confident 'no'", GM Wallis told reporters this afternoon. "But the reality is that we needed to do something and an opportunity to acquire a player like Bryant doesn't come along too often."

The Tritons have struggled to stay around the .500 mark so far this season and some commentators have claimed that the team has already fallen out of that short list of true contenders for the JBL title.

"We thought this team was set up to challenge for many years yet," explains Wallis. "But the game has changed over the last couple of years and there's been a growing concern that the pieces we have just aren't a great fit in the new JBL."

Also heading to Mexico City will be Martin's backup, Davor Woolridge, a player originally drafted by the Jaguars who has not been getting the minutes he should. The Tritons will also swap their 1st rounder next season for the Scorpions pick this year.

Rodgers boasts career averages of 20.6ppg 12.8rpg and 2.2bpg and is having a career year for the Jaguars at age 33.