Houston goes back to their losing ways

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 153, 2023

HOUSTON - The Lightning lose a game they weren't expected to win, another game they should have won.

Lightning 105 - Knights 125;
Buie gets the start at SG and performs decently enough, going 8 for 16 with 18 points, Hall goes off for 20 and 13, while Hood goes off for 14 and 13 assists. The real culprit for the loss today was turnovers as we have 23 as a team. Hall nearly had a triple-double with his turnover performance, netting 8, while Harrison had 15, 14, and 6 turnovers. McCaffrey came in for 9 minutes, managed no shots, and had a negative rating of -16. Not a great mark at all. Hawes led the Knights to victory over the Midwest foe, tallying 27 points and 14 rebounds.

Blizzards 97 - Lightning 90;
Can't imagine this was an exciting brand of basketball for fans to watch. Hood lead the team in minutes, scoring (23) and assists (8). Pace was ineffective, so Wallace got a lot of his minutes in this game. Harrison had a poor shooting night going 3 for 11, but did manage 11 boards. It was an odd game because we shot ok, but shot pretty good from 3 and shot way less than we usually do. Wallace led the way for the Blizz, scoring 30. This game was huge for draft positioning, as the Lightning pull into a virtual tie for that 9th spot in the lottery.