Houston Ends losing streak, falls in draft lottery

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 149, 2023

HOUSTON - Don't call it a tank job, call it finding the right system. Houston is able to go 2-1 on the sim to fall back into the 10th spot in the lottery draft.

Houston 112 - Austin 105;
A battle between state rivals, the home team emerged victorious and in the process, was passed up by Austin in the draft lottery. A fully rested roster treated home fans to victory as veterans Pace and Hall chip in 21 points apiece. Hood manages to go scoreless on 5 shots, adds 8 assists, and finished +11. Richardson goes 4-4 and adds in 11 points. Buie and Poole get extended minutes for the Lightning and don't perform that well, but Pace does his job and leads the team to victory. OG was an impressively bad -21 for the game.

Atlanta 126 - Houston 92;
One of the worst games for the Lightning as 4 of the 5 starters for Houston go -26 or worst for the game. As a team, we shot 39% and just 18% from 3. Pace had 2 points in 26 minutes but was only -16 for the game. Harrison was our high scorer with 16, but can only collect 6 boards in the effort. Poole was the only true bright spot, adding in 11 points on 4 of 6 shooting. It was just one of those nights as the Devils shot 50%. Slattery kicked in 30, Maitland 21, and Ellison 20 off the bench.

Barons 91 - Lightning 105;
A sluggishly slow paced game where Houston shot 52% and four of Houston's starters tally exactly 29:28 of game play, which is extremely odd. Harrison goes almost 40, gets 16 points, 14 boards, and steals. The other starters all tally double figures in points, with Wallace also scoring 14 off the bench. Despite the same time of game play, the subs for the starters tallied 18:30 and 18:32 and 17:37 and 17:39 respectively. Andre Battle was the only non-lifeless body for the Barons and their triangle offense was ravaged by Houston.