Two more L's for the Lightning

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 125, 2023

HOUSTON - Houston faces two more teams jockeying for position in the playoffs and bring their A game for their respective victories.

Los Angeles 122 - Houston 112;
The Lightning head to LA to face the surging Fireballs where they have a curious game where both teams score a bizarre 16 points in the 3rd quarter, which helps keep the LAFB's in the 8th spot in the west. Devan Carroll outshined All Star MVP, LaCruz (Who just did the 23 and me genetic testing and found out he's not actually Filipino, but Malaysian!) by almost posting a triple double of 21, 13, and 9. The Malay, LaCruz, did chip in 31 in the victory. Antoine Hall had a solid night of 28 points and 9 boards, while Hood also added 15 assists. The Fireballs had 18 more shots than Houston. Buie was again solid off of the bench.

Oakland 112 - Houston 100
Another loss on the road, in which Ivory scored 28 and Traylor scored 18 off the bench. The pace of the game was quite slow as the Lightning had 86 shots to the Triton's 82. Hood had a poor game where he had 9 points and 3 assists. Richardson had a poor shooting night, but did chip in 7 assists from the off guard spot, while Hall had his usual 24 and 10. KeVaughn Slaugher had a rare showing with 8 points in 7 minutes of game time, but if that was the best moment from the bench, it was an unforgettable night from the backups.