Predators Standing Pat

  • By John Miernicki, Day 120, 2023

DALLAS - As the JBL trade deadline quickly approaches, the Dallas Predators have remained quiet. Plodding along at 17-40, team officials have apparently elected to follow a path of patience. “We have explored a few different options over the past several days, but nothing is imminent on the trade front,” coach Andrew Hutchings stated when questioned exiting a local grocery store, after wondering how the press knew he was there. “To be honest, I’m not sure what he’s thinking, he tends to keep pretty quiet. I guess he has a plan. Although as coach it would be nice to know what that is” Hutchings continued, while referring to the new GM. A source close to the GM indicated that Hutchings might be better suited figuring out how to get the team to win a few more games, as opposed to speculating about the competence of his boss.

In other team news, the Predators are likely to shop Wade in the offseason as he doesn’t appear to be in the long-term plans for the franchise. The team also has about $20 million in expiring salaries, so cap space will not be an issue. Finding players willing to play in Dallas may be another story though, regardless of cash available.