Dragons Capture Their Man

  • By Ken Walden, Day 120, 2023

DENVER - In a move just before the trade deadline, the Denver Dragons front office has finalized a trade with the Miami Cyclones. The Dragons are sending veteran power forward Orien Young, and their 2025 1st round pick, for combo forward Reggie Fortier.

"We are sorry to part ways with Orien, who has been a wonderful addition to the team this season. He's given us the leadership and play on the court that we wanted, and is a big reason for our success so far. But as we said to the press, and to Orien, when signing him, his contract , as a large expiring contract, was possibly an asset for a midseason trade. We know the Cyclones will benefit from having him there."

The Dragons add Reggie Fortier, who the GM admits he's long coveted. "Reggie was actually our number one target when we were an expansion team, and we went hard after him in free agency. He really matches our style of play here in Denver, and gives us a defensive and rebounding ferocity at the 3 and 4. You saw with us bringing in Wesley Sherman as well that we're trying to improve in that direction, and Fortier allows us to really turn that into a strength. By moving Young we give the time for Sherman to really inhabit that 4 position, and we imagine that Reggie will play at both the 3 and 4. I feel like there's no holes in our lineup.

"We're taking a gamble that next season we will be as effective as we are this season--we're happy trading a pick of that depth in the first for a player like Reggie. But of course, the future is uncertain, so it's a real gamble.

"Reggie's contract would have been a mistake as an expansion team, but works great for us right now as we are in a fight for the playoffs. Reggie has a player option for next year which we hope he will take. And then his contract will be up just at the time the whole team is, so we've maintained a lot of flexibility for our future. Right now we're focusing on these two seasons and I think Reggie helps us incredibly."

Denver Dragons send:
Orien Young
2025 1st round

Miami Cyclones send:
Reggie Fortier