GM makes crazy suggestions after looking at Team Lineup Stats.

  • By Hamish Jones, Day 120, 2023

After hearing that Coach Jackson was going to give Harrell more bench time for a couple of days so he could have a rest after a hectic schedule, the Crusader’s GM has again been sharing opinions no one asked for or was really interested in reading.

“Who needs Harrell?” GM Jones asked. “Our most successful lineup to date doesn’t even have Harrell on the Court.”

If you look at the +/- rating this may technically be true. The highest + rating the Crusaders have is 14. This is a lineup of


As Coach Jackson points out, “they’ve only played 25 minutes and Harrell’s our most prolific scorer. Harrell needs a rest and we’ll give him a rest.”

“The Crusaders are still a young team and they’ll only improve. Harrell is the foundation of this team and will be for years to come,” Coach Jackson said.

It’s thought that GM Jones will realise the error of his thoughts when he wakes up in the morning.