Nix shipped to tritons

  • By Joe Weber, Day 120, 2023

ST LOUIS - In what has been a quiet all star break for the JBL the Skyhawks sent Journeyman Cameron Nix to the Tritons for Roberts and the Tritons 2026, and 2027 second round picks.

Nix who has actually played well the last couple weeks has had another down year. In what was a promising trade just less than a year ago when the 'Hawks gave up this years first rounder for nix has now looked like a bad deal for GM W7.

Nix started the season starting at SG for the hawks while phillips was hurt but was playing mostly backup PG as of the trade.

"I was banking on Wallace signing and coming back and all that... building around that style ya know? But that's on me. No way we could commit that kind of money for wallace. I don't regret it but when something isn't working you move on so that's what this is." "We got Mark (Hunter) locked up and I like our young core. We are very young and I like what we are doing here."

When asked if there would be more trades before the deadline "Maybe. We are talking to a few other teams"