Houston stops the bleeding, split the sim

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 120, 2023

HOUSTON - A tough season continues, but Houston is able to win a game. Fans still upset.

Houston 129; St. Louis 110:
Houston takes the victory in a game where Hall scores 27 and grabs 14 boards, while Hood scores 26 and 15 assists. The team as a whole shot 56%. Harrison and Richardson scored 16 and 18 respective, while OG added 15 points in only 16 minues, but managed a single rebound. The real difference was how we shot from 3, going 13 for 18 for 72%. Lamar Claxton had a solid night for the Skyhawks, chipping in 26.

Rockets 108; Lightning 103:
The Lightning switch back to their losing ways, dropping a game to in-state rival, Austin. The starters all logged over 30 minutes and it was a mostly close game, but rookies Harrison and Buie had a +/- each of -10. We lost mostly because Hood shot 6 of 18 and LaGarde was 3 of 15. LaGarde had a game score of just 1.8, so he was the weak leak for our team. Hood played a decent game as PG as he didnt have a single turnover either.