Houston's free fall continues

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 113, 2023

HOUSTON - The Lightning face two powerhouse programs and lose both in pretty horrific fashion.

Scorps 119; Lightning 90
Sin City is the venue of the first massacre, where we lose by the largest margin all night, 19. Richardson gets the night off and rookie Derrick Poole gets the start and plays 38 minutes, logging in 13 points while shooting 28% and taking 18 shots. Clearly ineffecient. Hall is his usual self, scoring 21 with 9 rebounds. Everyone else shoots less than 40%, other than the backup SG, who adds 8 on 42% shooting in 15 minutes of time. He did some wonderful defensive magic, accounting for -18 on the +/- chart. OG, after his stellar start, get the bulk of the backup C minutes and scored 3 points in 21 minutes. He did manage 6 assists, which was tied for the team high. As a team, we shot 36% which is just garbage.

Thunder 111; Houston 101:
We run into an old friend on the road and manage to break double digits! We were also down by just a point at half, so we played a bit better than usual. It was an awful night to be a SF as both Pace and Dontay played pretty miserably. Sowder was even -2 for the night. It was a special night for Antoine Hall, as he received his ring from his championship with the Thunder last year, and had a nice night of 15/12 in the Lightning loss. The starters had the worst time of it as most of the bench played well and ended with positive numbers. Wesley Sherman, who was informed of his trade after the game, had just 5 points and 10 boards, which kind of sums up his brief career with the Lightning. Harrison, in his likely last game off the bench, came on the score 15 and 7, and had a stellar +21 for the game. We shot 6 for 25 from long range, which probably led to our ultimate demise.