Drones Dime (Vol 1.5)

  • By David Gonzalez, Day 109, 2023

2023 Season, Day 109

Overall Record: 23-29 (Home: 16-4 & Away: 7-18)
Longest Streak: W7 & L7
SE Div: 3rd place (8.5 GB)
JBL Power Rank: 21 (Prev: 18)

Games Since Last Update:
Record: 3-9 (Home: 1-4 & Away: 2-5)
Longest Streak: L7


- A tough stretch of games against some of the best teams in the league combined with losing our top two SG’s at some point as well did not lead to much cause for celebration as we go 3-9.

- Due to the injuries at SG, Devearl Stoudamire got some additional playing time at the 2 on top of his normal duties backing up Rush at SF. Not only did he score a career high 34 against the Thunder but he also hit a buzzer beater to give us a recent 1-point victory against the Barons on Day 107. He’s likely to get some additional playing time over the next few weeks.

- Our best games during this stretch were a 2-point loss on the road against the Thunder and a subsequent 2-point loss at home to the Scorpions.

- Rookie PF Trent Buchanan’s re-entry into the starting lineup is not providing the results we were hoping for and he has been moved back to a bench role.

- The 23 victories this season is a franchise record and we are aiming for 35-38 as a goal for now with the goal to slide into a playoff spot in the East. As of now we still have a shot at finishing anywhere between 6th place in the East or the lottery.

- RWII was named to the Rookie Team for the 2023 ASG which will feature many of the top picks in this year’s draft class.

- Fans in Charlotte are also eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Eastern Conference All-Star reserves where Lucas Rush is rumored to have a shot at playing in his first ASG.