Dragons Bring in The Tank

  • By Ken Walden, Day 109, 2023

DENVER - Making a move before the deadline to bolster their playoff run, the Denver front office has announced a trade with Houston. The Dragons will send this year's draft pick, plus power forward Cliff McCaffrey, to Houston in return for power forward Wesley Sherman.

"We knew that signing Orien Young this offseason was a stopgap maneuver, and so we have been on the lookout for a move to improve ourselves at the power forward position. Sherman addresses our most glaring team need, which is rebounding--specifically offensive rebounding. Despite having one of the best defenses in the league in terms of two-point shooting percentage, we have struggled to outscore opponents. In large part that is due to being outrebounded--our opponents take more shots than us because of second chance opportunities on their end, and a lack of second chances on our end. Sherman is a fantastic boarder who plays tough defense. While not a scorer, he will not hurt our field goal percentage or turn the ball over."

With the Dragons in the midst of battling for a playoff position, the front office decided to gamble sending away this year's pick. Sherman has a player option for next year, and the front office clearly hopes that even if he does not pick it up, they will have the edge in bringing him back for another season. They will have a large amount of cap space in the next offseason, even more without McCaffrey's salary, and so even with Sherman will continue to be in a position in free agency for a marquee player.

By moving McCaffrey, the Dragons manage to alleviate one source of playing time discontent on the team. McCaffrey, a team leader, has been unhappy with his playing time, but would look to get little in a position now boasting Young, Sherman, and a GM favorite in Stanback.

Dragons send:
2023 Denver 1st
PF Cliff McCaffrey

Houston Sends:
PF Wesley Sherman