Houston drops 2 more

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 109, 2023

HOUSTON - The Lightning head to Denver to face the Dragons on a scheduled rest day for Pace LeGarde and the game is marred by a Flagrant 2 by rookie sensation Jarrell Harrison. Wallace gets the start at SF and has a terrible game, going 3 for 12 for 8 points. Harrison gets T'd up and ejected for completely destroy Orien Young on a drive to the basket. Wesley Sherman also got a rare start, possibly to help his trade value, and he had a strong showing with 8 points and 16 boards to go with Antoine Hall's 20 and 10. Stephan Hood led all of Houston with 25 points, but the lack of ball movement from his position led to a limited amount of assists, which led to a problem with getting the ball to open guys. The team shot 43% with mostly contested jumpers being shot. The Lightning also were down in the first quarter 37-24, with the other three quarters being mostly even and the final margin being almost where it was at there.

The second game was also a road game in Phoenix, vs the Vultures and Houston favorite, Orpheus Swayda. Swayda's final game score of 17 was better than all but one member of the Lightning. The stingy Vultures Defense allowed less than 20 points in 3 of the 4 quarters and Houston loses 97-78. With Hall getting a rest day and Harrison suspended for his ejection in the prior game, little used C OG Adebayo got the start at center, next to Wesley Sherman. OG had an inspired 18 points and 8 boards, while Sherman put in his usual 7 and 10. Pace LeGarde was apparently still on vacation as he has a negative game score of 0.8, shot 1 for 7 and scored 2 points. He did manage 7 boards and 7 assists. Hood was completely shut down at the PG spot as he only managed 7 assists and 7 points. Richardson shot 14 times to get 13 points which is highly inefficient for any team. Dontrell Blake got some extended playing time as the backup post and he responded with 1 point and 4 boards in 23 minutes of game time. The real lone bright spot was rookie guard, DeAndre Buie who score 21 points. It came on 9 of 12 shooting, which isn't a sustainable mark, but he's considered to have a bright future on the team and getting a lot of playing time to show what he's got.