Kappe faces the media

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 105, 2023

Reporters - A lot of fans are calling for your resignation for handling the transition poorly. Do you have any response to that?

Kappe - I understand the frustration that people have with our direction. We felt like the roster we had, while was good enough to win a lot of games, wasn't good enough to win it all. The way the league is set up, you cannot get away with a big three and not have any depth. We felt like we were too hamstrung on contracts and had no way to move anyone without sacrificing our future greatly.

Reporters - How is your relationship with HC Shawn Thomas? Many felt like a rebuild meant going in a different direction and were surprised you brought him back.

Kappe - Thomas is the longest tenure member of the team, players or coaches, and we felt like he deserved the chance to continue with the organization and we made the move to do so.

Reporters - Do you think like you overpaid for him?

Kappe - No. He is an established and well respected coach. We made up our roster differently and should not have punished him for doing what was asked of him.

Reporters - You've made a lot of moves, probably too many moves, any of them regrets?

Kappe - No regrets, we did what we thought was best for the team. Our goal was to remake our roster for better balance and we did. We don't feel like the amount of trades we made is out of line for the league. Perhaps we moved too soon on a trade or two, but we did what we thought was the best at the time.

Reporters - Which trade would you do over?

Kappe - None.

Reporters - You were in first just a few weeks ago and now the wheels have come off. How do you and the coaching staff address it.

Kappe - No team comes together right away. We had success early because there was a freshness to the team and everyone was enjoying playing together. But eventually the league, and playing in the West, catches up to you. We are playing a lot of young guys a lot of minutes and the league adapts very quickly.

Reporters - How much do you enjoy watching Antoine Hall play?

Kappe - He's truly a special player. He really deserves an All-Star bid, but the west is so competitive. It would be a shame if he misses out on it

Reporters - Rumors are that Pace LeGarde, Wesley Sherman, and Kierall Richardson have been reportedly made available. Do you think that affects their performance in the game?

Kappe - We have not listed any of them for trade, but I am always looking to give our players the best chance for success while also making our team better. If someone comes and makes an offer, I'm always willing to listen. But we aren't actively pursuing a deal.

Reporters - Congrats on your sons engagement to the Houston Owners daughter. Does that impact your role with the team at all?

Kappe - They've known each other since the 3rd grade, long before I was even in the basketball world, so I don't imagine it changes much. I'm happy for them and wish them the best.

That's it guys, thanks!