Peeler traded to Jacks

  • By Reggie Cross, Day 105, 2023

Fresh after signing a new contract for $24 million per year following his first team All-JBL selection , Antoine Peeler has been traded to the Lumberjacks for Reggie Burke, Demetric Vaughn, the Hurricanes 1st rounder in 2024, Bullets 1st in 2024, and the Lumberjacks 1st in 2026. Reported "minor" conflict with newly acquired Kai Navigato seemed to affect Peeler who sought to be the franchise player. While playing respectably in 2024 averaging 20.9 ppg, 4.3 rpg, and 4.9 apg, it was a slight fall from his performance in 2023 at 25.9 ppg, 5.1 rpg, and 4.6 apg leading the Tritons to move him to regain picks lost in transactions from the 2023 playoff run.

Coming to the Tritons is future Hall of Famer, Demetric Vaughn, who at age 35 is still performing a a high level with 17.6 ppg. It's likely that Vaughn will replace Peeler at SG allowing Kai Navigato no excuses to show his potential leading up to his restricted free agency at the endof the year. Reggie Burke who expressed a concern for a bigger role at Portland also arrives averaging 6.1 ppg with a surprising 19.1 minutes per game considering his desire for more minutes. He will share the shooting forward minutes with Navigato, but any signs of discontent will not sit well with Tritons management.

GM Reggie Cross: "Antoine played a big part in our success over the last two years and we will certainly miss his production and leadership on our team. We just felt that if he let a conflict with another player affect his performance at this point of his career, we would not be able to get to a championship level in the future. Receiving Demetric, another defensive player, and picks to rebuild was too much to turn down from Portland. We hope Antoine will also make good friends with his new teammates in Portland and finds moderate success. On the flip side, we're excited to have Demetric and Reggie and we hope they give us both an offensive and defensive spark that we've been lacking this year."

"We're still not finished. We're going to do everything we can to get back and win another championship that Oakland deserves."