Taphorn "Has the right to feel snubbed"

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 105, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS - Fresh off 2 close losses, Blizzards general manager Billy seemed calm when told about the news Donovan Mobley, the Blizzards number 3 pick in last years draft, was left all the rookie team roster completely. A raw talent, Billy said he expected growing pains from Mobley who has showed glimpses of being a future all star and other times seemingly belonging in the D-League.

But when told that Aaron Taphorn didn't make the roster he raised an eyebrow.

"Really? Well that's a surprise, or I guess no surprise. After all, he is a Blizzard" he quipped, perhaps leaning towards the notion that big market teams usually prosper in the league votes.

Billy quickly cooled down though to give a much more measured response.

"I'd definitely go into bat for Aaron, he's been great for us. Since day one he's been a starter going against some of the best bigs in the league. We're happy to have him doing what he's doing even though he might not get the recognition from the outside."

Taphorn has started 42 games for the Blizzards this season averaging 13.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 1.9 blocks in 30 minutes of action on an efficient 0.539% from the field, more than .100 better than some of his other rookie counterparts.