General manager addresses player unrest

  • By Michael Schmidtke, Day 101, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS - The Minneapolis Blizzards are a team starting from the bottom and although there has been significant improvement from lat season it doesn't mean that everyone is happy. Rookie Donovan Mobley recently stormed into coach Jordan's office and had some things to say which left Mobley feeling frustrated with his head coach. General Manager Billy responded to the press letting it be known he has both Mobley's and Jordan's backs.

"I'm aware of the situation and you know what, we are human. I love Mobley's passion, he's a young guy with a lot to prove and he wants what is best for him and the team. Coach Jordan, well he's an old guy but he wants what is best for the team and his players too. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye on things, but I'd rather people talk about how they feel instead of pouting or sulking. I've had a talk to both those guys and we'll move forward.

Outside of that issue, there has been a bit of complaining about playing time and some team bickering in the locker room. Shaheed Duke wants more playing time as does Jiri Palacek and Dwight Hill. There was also an argument that got heated between Kostur and Duke. General Manager Billy responded.

"we do our best to keep everyone happy, but we're never going to make everyone happy. We've tried getting Duke more involved, he's playing well and deserves the minutes. Jiri has had some more opportunities to play and Hill, well we signed him up as a back up so we have to talk about that."