Houston announces trade

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 97, 2023

HOUSTON - GM Kyle Kappe has obliged the request of Collinson and sent him to Austin for the Scorpions 2025 second round pick. Collinson had been a former lottery pick for the Lightning and had his best success being the 5th wheel among the triumvirate of Swayda, Sowder, and Clarkson during their playoff runs the past two years. Despite the same coaching staff, Kappe didn't feel like Collinson was the right direction for the team this year and it caused some tension in the background. TMZ had reported that Collinson had thrown a chair, but sources later explained that a chair had not been thrown, Collinson was just a little more animated due to the mounting losses. He turned suddenly and ended up running into a chair that went about a foot in the opposite direction. GM Kappe merely wished Collinson the best in his future and would look forward to chatting again one day in the future.

For the year, Collinson was averaging 3 PPG in just 8 MPG, which is down from the nearly 30 minutes per game he played the previous two years.