Detroit Franchise, Clarke, Delt to Baltimore

  • By Joel Steelman, Day 93, 2023

DETROIT - In a shocking move, the Detroit Mustangs have agreed to trade Franchise tagged Dameon Clarke to the Baltimore Bullets for Randall Dozier, JaDante Hicks, Liu “Dragon” Jinghau, Owen Tasker, Orlando Verderber and Warriors 2027 2nd round pick.

The move has put Detroit at a roster size of 19 players. They have subsequently informed the league offices of their intentions to waive Orlando Verderber, Kenyon Hammick, Rodrigo Vasque, and Joe Goldwire.

WDET’s Max Power caught up with GM Joel for a quick interview at the Mustangs training facility.

Max: “First and foremost. Why trade Clarke after naming him your franchise player?”

Joel: “Don’t we usually start with easy questions, like how’s your wife or mom? They’re fine, but back to your question. In short, I feel like Clarke deserves more than what we had to offer for the duration of his contract. We discussed it with him, and while he may have been apprehensive at first, I believe he agrees with us that this move is a good move for both sides. For him, it puts him back on a playoff team where he could easily take on a significant role. For us, it gives us battle tested building blocks for the future. Note I said battle tested, not battle ready. We will still very much be a work in progress. Which once again, I didn’t feel right leaving Clarke in. He’s ready to passively lead a team to a title contention.”

Max: “What do you think the fans reaction will be to this move?”

Joel: “I seriously hope they see the value in this move and realize we are not a playoff team this year. That being said, I’m sure the #FireSteelman and #DetroitDemoliton hashtags make their appearance again. I understand their frustration. It was a hard decision to make, but if you look at the bigger picture, it makes more sense. Fans seem to be short-sighted in this aspect. Again, I understand, but I have a job to do and it’s not easy to be perpetually title contenders, well unless you’re in Seattle. But even they started somewhere.”

Max: “Do you have any plans to move iMac next?”

Joel: “No. Isaiah has our word that he can stay as long as he wants to. We will not be moving him unless he requests it.”

Max: “Didn’t the Dragon and iMac have some issues previously in the locker room while together in LA?”

Joel: “I have to run. Nice talking with you”