The Craig and Nashville saga is finally over

  • By Anthony Duggan, Day 93, 2023

Nashville do a deal with Baltimore to move want away Tezale Craig.
The disappointing season so far for the Stars may well have been impacted by Craigs antics. Since winning a ring with the Stars Craig has become more and more demanding of GM Phayd. Despite being a franchise player the Stars wanted to rebuild around, Craig has caused more harm than good with an unprofressional attitude.

Listening to multile offers the Stars have plumped for Baltimores offer of
The Drones 2024 1st round pick
The Bullets 2027 1st round pick
The Vipers 2025 2nd round pick
The Bullets 2026 2nd round pick
Damine Dukes
Brandon Markson
Derek Cousins

GM Phayd had this to say “We tried to move Craig at the end of last season but we couldn’t get the trigger pulled on the deal. He has wanted out since last season despite us doing our best to build assets around him he has poisoned the locker room with his demands so now its time to move on. We will rebuild we have an abundant number of draft picks to play with. Good luck to Bedouin or whoever he moves Craig on to they’ll need deep pockets and thick skin dealing with that demanding asshole.”