Losing streak brings up questions

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 89, 2023

HOUSTON - With the moves made in the offseason by new GM, Kyle Kappe, there was some level of a "wait and see mode". With a .500 squad and leading the division, fans were content to see if play out. But losers of 4 of their last 5 have seem them drop to 19-23 and struggling to find an identity. In games where they've played well, Antoine Hall has played a fantastic secondary role where one of Hood, Richardson, LeGarde make the step to lead the team. In games where they've lost, Hall has been asked to shoulder the load and he's performed well, but the team seems to take a step back. Sherman has lost his job to the rookie Harrison, and that's been tough for fans to take because Kappe sold the vision of Sherman being a needed deal, sending out Tarver, a proven commodity on a championship team. The acquisition of Richardson has been a mixed bag, but the price of a 1st might have been too steep. Hood getting the RFA offer has been a solid move, but the team probably needed a PG like Tarver more than they needed Hood. Pace LeGarde has been solid, but he's not helping the team to win and sources within the organization think that they really should move on from him. Wesley Sherman has lost his job and while he hasn't been placed on the trade list, most people feel like Kappe would move on from him. Former starter Collinson is unhappy with his role, which is no surprise considering he's been a starter on two championship caliber teams and can barely crack the rotation.