Cyclones front office and coaching staff have all day meeting

  • By Barry Lolicht, Day 85, 2023

Will the Miami Cyclones go all in for this year, keep the status quo, or go into a rebuild? That is the question. The answer is complicated and a mystery.

by Logan Laser
Miami News beat writer for the Miami Cyclones

MIAMI - There was a lot of excitement across Miami yesterday when rumors came out that the Cyclones would acquire Nashville Stars all star Tezale Craig in exchange for Jamaine Curry, Jarnell Doaks, and a first round draft choice.

Upon hearing the rumors I tried contacting General Manager Barry Lolicht. After hearing that he was in meetings and unavailable I went down to the Cyclones offices. Lolicht was indeed in a closed door meeting when I arrived. Two hours later when he came out for a break I was able to corner him and he denied any trade talk with the Stars for Craig and stated that he did not know where the rumor came from but it was not true. As then asked the obvious question: "what have the teams top management and coaching staff been meeting about for the last 6 1/2 hours if it is not about trying to finalize a trade?" With that Lolicht turned and headed back into the meeting room. I did not see Lolicht again until 4 hours later when I spotted him leaving out the back door.

Luckily I was able to speak with a source who was in the meeting. It seems that Lolicht is trying to determine the direction that the club will take. The goal is not to be a playoff team but to compete for and win a JBL championship. Most in the organization agree that the Cyclones are a very good but not an elite team.

Some in the organization believe that the Cyclones are a good enough team to compete with some key additions. But they have been unable to convince Lolicht that they have the cap flexibility to be able to take the next step. The rumored trade of Craig was discussed but it was determined that losing the scoring of Curry to add Craig would not improve the team enough to contend for a title. And then there would be the issues of Craig's locker room presence and his age.

My source said that others in the organization believe that this core team will be a perennial playoff team but not be able to ever contend for a title. Therefore this group felt that everyone but Josh Gamble should be dealt in order to gain more assets that can be used to quickly retool the team. They advocated trading Curry, along with Reggie Fortier and Kelvin Black. This discussion got heated as others believed that it would hurt the team this season. They also questioned what the Cyclones would get in return. As my source put it "just acquiring a few non lottery first round draft choices and second rounders in exchange for these league top 50 players would not be worth it. They would net good complimentary and depth players but not the types of players needed to become a top team. It was decided that if the team decides to go in this direction the players would only be dealt in a trade that would be fair to both sides - the player would help the team that would be receiving them immediately and the assets that the Cyclones would receive would enable the Cyclones to have a chance at acquiring a "difference making" player (either an established young player with potential or a decent first round draft choice).

My source told me that discussions are continuing and more meetings have been set for tomorrow to determine what direction the club will go in. Lolicht is open to discussions on Curry, Fortier, and Black and could be talked into a rebuild if a good offer comes along. But Lolicht is also not ruling out becoming a buyer in order to improve the current team if the right offer comes along in that direction.