Houston drops 2 in a sim

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 81, 2023

HOUSTON - The Lightning give up 52 to a player in a sim and blow a 18 point lead in another to have arguably their worst sim of the year.

Tritons 113; Lightning 103:
Marcus Ivory goes off for 52 points and doesn't sit a second of the game in the victory for the Tritons, but despite that, he's only positive 8 in the +/- category, which shows further lapses by Houston. 3 other starters for Oakland finish in the negative as their bench plays rather effective for them. For the Lightning in the loss, Harrison had the unfrotunate luck to go up against Ivory and ended up -16 for the game, despite 14 and 12, with 3 more blocks and steals. The bench for Houston was a disaster defensively as too many young kids are playing too many minutes with unsustained focus. Ironically enough, the pace was quite slow and we still suffered through a pretty awful loss.

Predators 131; Lighting 127:
Going into the 4th quarter, the Lightning had a stellar 19 point lead and in cruise control. It's a shame the game didn't end there as they get blown out 41-20 in the 4th quarter to lose the game. Hall had 35 points in the victory, Hood had 17 assists, and Sherman had 11 boards off the bench, but again, Harrison had -17 for the game despite 18 points. We shot 45% from deep while also going 16 for 20 from the charity stripe. Back to the drawing board again.