Devils adjusting to injuries

  • By Ed Latham, Day 81, 2023

Just as Marquis Thomas comes back from injury, the team finds Cortez Ellison out of commission for the next two weeks.

To adjust, the Devils will be moving Dominique Harmon over to SF which will be the first time he has worked in that role as a pro. It will be interesting to see how he translates into that position.

Meanwhile, at SG, Javion Edwards gets what many believe is his last chance to really prove he is worth another contract in Atlanta. Edwards did start at SG many games last season and although he was a serviceable player, he has not lived up to his draft pick status. With Harmon having a stellar rookie year, Edwards has been the odd man out in a young wing group on the team. This could be his chance to prove he deserves to be part of this talented but young group.

In other new, administration has been openly discussing the growth of Connor Maitland C with some asking for a bit more time for young player and maybe a bit more of a roll in the offense when he comes off the bench. It is of course just speculation as to how the team uses him, but it is a fact that there are some in the organization that are very pleased with his continued development.