The Top 10 cities for players with 2 or more cats

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 77, 2023

10. Denver - You wouldn't think a city where it's dangerous to leave your domesticated cats would rank, but word on the feline street is the bar scene is second to none and those who have cats, love themselves a nice rocky mountain pint.

9. Oakland - You never want to leave your house, so you need some low maintenance companionship. What better way to spend your Friday night than to dodge the hail of gun fire between the long running east/west coast rap feud, while lounging by the electric furnace with your giant tabby cat.

8. Boston - The Irish love themselves some fine pussy cats, so you'd feel right at home with your harem of....cats.

7. Oklahoma City - The dust bowl isn't a place for the typical outdoor alley cats as the lowland emptiness feels your soul with a sorrow that only can be tamed by the purring of cats

6. Miami - If you have a nice hairless cat, or pretty the company of such creatures, south beach is the place for you. There really isn't a need for some much body heat or hair and a romp in the ocean will cool off your soul.

5. Los Angeles - The occasional cougar attack aside, players love the wide accessibility of a plethora of cats to try your hand at. The weather also makes it possible to keep your furry friend as both an inside and outdoor cat.

4. Seattle - While not a Japanese native, the expat Japanese population have a curiosity here for this breed and you will find no shortage of group activities with fellow loves of the Siamese

3. Las Vegas - Siegfried and Roy made a name with their White Tigers, but you can find any and all types of cats here, especially with a nice fat...check in your possession. You only need to say the word and you will have all that your heart desires.

2. Charlotte - While Pasadena is home of Catcon, Charlotte isn't far of a drive to the National Capital Cat Show. It's also close to DC where diplomatic immunity can net you a wide array of exotic creatures that not just anyone can get into the country. Just beware of language barriers.

1. Mexico City - Come for the food, stay for the burro show? I kid, but the namesake mascot of the town is the Jaguar. Taco Bell might have the reputation of serving up those stubborn creatures, not here in the fine town. And if you ever had the chance to spend any time with a true Latina kitten, you would understand.