Houston goes 1-1

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 77, 2023

HOUSTON - With Sherman limping, the Lightning split two games this sim to maintain their slight lead in the midwest.

Blizzards 112; Lightning 101:
It was a game that was never close as Donnell Wallace goes for 41/7/6 in the victory for the Bliz. The Lightning get 17/13/6 from Harrison and 21 and 11 boards from the SG Richardson is the loss. The Blizzards had 17 more shots than Houston, who shot a respectable 45% from the arch, but it made little difference as Hood was -22 for the game, showing a porous defense. Looking at some of the advance stats, we couldn't control the pace like we usually did and were overwhelmed by the amount of possessions they had.

Lightning 112; Barons 101:
In a bizarre world, the score of the winning team is 112 and the loser scores 101. This time, we controlled the pace of the game and walk away as a winner. Ryan Collinson gets extra playing time and reminds the Lightning front office of what he can do, goes 12 points, 13 rebounds. In a rather strange stat line, 4 starters for the Lightning end up in negative +/- with just LeGarde going +6. Collinson goes +19, Bui goes +17 for Houston. Collinson did lead the team in rebounds, Buie in assists. Even OG Abedeyo goes off for 13 points and 6 boards in 9 minutes of playing time. A truly bizarre game to analyze.