Lightning continue their hot ways, go 2-0.

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 73, 2023

HOUSTON - First it was Slaughter injuring his shoulder during ice skating with his niece, now Sherman hurts shoulder doing the floss during a night at the local strip club. The only reason Houston has had to address the media over the incident was that it was caught on local madam, Chastity Charisma's, camera, which was given to a local TMZ reporter.

Jaguars 113, Lightning 125:
Despite being 7 point underdogs in the game, Houston puts a 16 point halftime lead to good use and holds on to win by 12. This win was inspite of Hall getting just 9 points and 4 boards and starting PG Stephan Hood getting 6 points to go with 11 assists, the Lightning were led by rookie sensation Jarrell Harrison's 20 points and 6 boards and Wesley Sherman's 19 points and 8 boards off the bench. Pace LaGarde had a team high 25 points and Poole, Buie, and Wallace all had double digits off the bench. The Jags had a strong game by rookie of the year candidate Hughes, who had 29 points but had a game low of -11 in the +/- category. It was a good victory for the Lightning over a likely playoff caliber team.

Lightning 121; Crusaders 100:
Boston is having a rough season and visiting the Lightning didn't make it any easier. Fans were a little restless after being down 44-30 after the first quarter and resting starting PG, Stephan Hood for the game didn't inspire confidence. At half, Houston closed the gap to within 3. In the third, they outscored the Crusaders by 13 and in the 4th, 11, to give the final margin. It was a team effort as 4 players averaged 5 assists or more, while 4 more had 2 assists or more. Harrison had 13 and 11, Buie (in place of Hood) had 19/5/5, Pace had 18, Richardson had 11 and 7 boards, Hall had 20/10, Poole had 10, and the real nice line came from Lee off the bench at backup PG 15/6. Lee hadn't been featured much since the arrival of Buie and made the most of his appearance. A cold shooting night where the Crusaders shot just 44% to the Lightning's 59% pretty much sums up the story of the game.

Houston management has no comment on the TMZ report of Sherman at the strip club, but after a 2 points and 8 boards performance against Boston as well as Harrison's performance, people are starting to speculate whether Sherman just isn't the right fit on the Lightning squad anymore. There is not any fine expected to come down on Sherman considering nothing illegal happened surrounding the event, other than poor taste of doing the floss.