Lightning have a drama fulled sim

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 69, 2023

HOUSTON - Hard to think what was the lowlight of the sim, Ka'Vaughn Slaughter getting hurt while ice skating, Kierall Richardson pushing his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend at the game, or just losing.

Miami 113; Houston 96:
It wasn't a pretty game for the Lightning as just one starter, Antoine Hall, scores double digits and the 8th and 9th men on the bench were the only other players to reach that figure as they lose to Miami. Hall had 29 and 14 in the losing cause. The Cyclones pressed their starters for 33 minutes or more and they wore out the Lightning. Fortier and Curry really brought their A game. The game did mark the first game where Sherman goes to the bench in favor of Jarrell Harrison.

Editors note - Stephan Hood also reached double figures with 11

Lightning 117; Knights 111:
A game marred by the halftime shove by Richardson, the Lightning were able to bounce back and win against their midwest rivals. Seven starters in double figures, Houston was lead by Hood with 15 points and 14 assists. The Knights did have three players with 24 points or more, but the lack of production elsewhere from the Knights was the ultimate doom for them.

But most eyes were on the scuffle between Keirall Richardson and a fan. After the game, i was discovered that the fan, Tim Maury, was Kierall's girlfriend, Taneisha's, ex-fiance. Apparently there was claims that the triplets were not Kierall's, but Tim's. Maury was able to push through security to get into the tunnel to confront him. GM Kyle Kappe has said that extra measures are in place to prevent this from repeating and that the organization stands behind Kierall and will not further punish him.