Skyhawks to offer Hunter max deal

  • By Joe Weber, Day 65, 2023

Article by Jim enzil

In a move to surprise almost no one the Skyhawks have offered C Mark Hunter a maximum contract worth $72million over 3 years ($24m a year).

I was told from my sources that the brass think it's a no brainer to lock up the dominant big man. They want this guy around as he is the centerpiece to the team (no pun intended).

Hunter, averaging 26.7 PPG (6th in the JBL) 10.5 RPG (15th) and 3.2 BPG (3rd), has been thriving since Larry Major slowed down the game to the JBL's slowest pace in the league. (having a 20-10 Rubin Wingfield feeding him helps also). This has also resulted in a turnaround in the season for the 'hawks who look poised to make a second half run.