Houston goes 1-1

  • By Kyle Kappe, Day 65, 2023

HOUSTON - Surging Vultures halt the Lightning's win streak high of 3 games, while the struggling Stars get blown out in Houston.

Vultures 104; Houston 98:
A dominating performance by Hall isn't enough to get the win as the Vults manage to hit their FT's and the Lightning do not. It was a pretty close game, once where the Lightning should have won on paper, but shooting 70% from the charity stripe likely becomes the difference in the game. The bench couldn't keep any sort of lead for us with everyone but Collinson garnering a negative +/- score. Hall had 27/13 but getting a combined offensive output of 11 from LaGarde and Sherman was the difference. The fans went home feeling a little ripped off as we had more rebounds, more assists, less turnovers, less fouls, equal blocks, and more steals. Just less points scored. Oh well, that's why the Vultures have 24 wins and we had 13.

Lightning 122; Stars 104:
A much better performance all around (except for Sherman, who lays a goose egg in scoring), but the real star is Harrison with 15 and 12 and a +/- score of 21. Everyone played well overall and there isn't much other details to go into. Hall had a solid double-double and everyone was in the positive in +/- other than Richardson who was -1.